We recently found 3 Orlando homes while performing home inspections within 2 months apart experiencing signs of corrosive Chinese Drywall issues. The first home was located in St. Cloud, Florida and had a noticeable sulfur-like smell upon entering. The listing Realtor had stated the smell was because of dried up sewer traps but this was later found to not be the case. We discovered the typical blackening of the copper piping inside both HVAC systems (air handlers) along with heavy corrosion of the copper electrical wiring throughout the home.

Black corrosion on HVAC coils

No actual visible stamps or markings were found but this is uncommon as most of the drywall stamping is hidden inside the wall cavities, requiring removal of the drywall for inspection.

Homes called “hybrids” are known in the industry as being built with partial domestic (non-corrosive) drywall but also with some imported (corrosive) drywall. These homes are often more difficult to detect as the amount of sulfur compounds released will be in smaller quantities.

Corroded Copper Wiring from Chinese Drywall

How do you know if your home has Chinese Drywall? A¬†professional Orlando home inspection may be the best way to determine it’s presence.¬†If your home is built or remodeled during or after 2001 you have an increased chance of harboring this corrosive material. Here is a link to the Department of Health’s website on steps homeowners can take to make a self-assessment. If you have any suspicion or would like a thorough inspection, call CFBI today.