Residential Real Estate Inspection

Starting at $299

New Construction Inspections

Starting at $345

Commercial Real Estate Inspection

Starting at $495


CFBI Packages
for existing homes

  • The Industry`s Best Home Inspection
    Central Florida`s most trusted 5 star home inspectors.
  • Detailed Report within 24 hours
    CFBI’s inspection reports set the industry standard. Our reports provide our clients with a wealth of information, that other inspectors just cannot match.
  • HD Photos and Videos
    Can’t be present at the inspection? No problem! With our HD images and videos, you will be able to clearly see any and all areas of concern.
  • BuildFax Permit History Report
    A BuildFax Report is issued for each property that scans 20 different points of information which can help identify prior issues like fire damage, sink hole repairs & additions or modifications to the building.
  • Thermal Imaging Scan
    Every inspection includes infrared thermal scans along with the latest state-of-the-art testing equipment at no extra cost.
  • Roof Drone Inspection (if needed)
    CFBI uses state-of-the art drones for inspecting roofs and building exteriors that are either too high or unsafe to walk on. Our top-of-the-line drones can photograph and take videos of the roof and other components of your structure that are left unseen by many other inspection companies.
  • WDO/Termite Inspection
  • Wind Mitigation Insurance Report
  • 4-Point Insurance Report
  • Sewer Scope of Waste Line
  • Mold/Air Quality Testing
  • Radon Testing
  • Other Services Available
    for Extra Fees
  • Standard Pool Inspection
  • Advanced Pool Inspection
  • Well Water Testing
  • HUD Tie-Down Certification
  • Reinspections
  • Floor Plan Generation (2D & 3D Mapping)

Florida Standard

Florida Premium

Florida Elite

Residential/Home Property Inspection Services

Here at CFBI, we believe in providing the industry’s best inspection and a 5-star customer experience from start to finish. In order to have the highest quality inspection and a supercharged team that lives and breathes remarkable customer service, we will charge more than most companies in Central Florida. However, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to back it up.

The cost of a residential home inspection is determined by the heated square feet of the property along with a few other factors. We price every home based on its own features and characteristics so a customized quote will be required to provide you an accurate price on the home inspection. We also offer numerous ancillary services “in-house” so you will get competitive pricing with our amazing service. That means, we do not hire other companies to perform extra services like termite inspections, mold testing or pool inspections. We also can add on well water quality testing, radon testing, wind mitigations and 4-point reports.

Commercial Property Inspection Services

The cost of a commercial building inspection is determined by various factors which include square footage, overall type of building (office, office/warehouse, suite, strip center, industrial, etc.) and a few other factors. A customized quote will be needed for this type of inspection so please contact us for a free phone consultation or you can contact us and let us know more about the property..

The investment in a quality property inspection will pay dividends in the long run! So… why compromise on quality for a home or commercial property inspection that is a few dollars cheaper?

Please call us at 407-658-8267, email or use the buttons below to receive a customized quote for your property inspection services!!!

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Complete. Comprehensive Inspection Reporting

CFBI's inspection reports set the industry standard. Our reports provide our clients with a wealth of information, that other inspectors just cannot match.

Check out or sample report and see the CFBI difference!


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