Central Florida Balcony and Railing Inspections

Central Florida Building Inspectors provides our community with safety inspections of the balcony and railing systems for commercial lodging establishments as required by the State of Florida under the DBPR HR-7020 Division of Hotels and Restaurants. The Certificate of Balcony Inspection form will be completed by our inspectors for your certification or recertification process.

When is a balcony railing inspection required?

This inspection is required every three (3) years and is applicable for public establishments such as hotels, apartments and condos that are three (3) or more stories tall. This can also be required when ownership of the building changes hands and a new owner takes over. The Department of Business and Professional Regulations will have more information on requires as found here.

What is a balcony railing inspection?

CFBI will schedule a convenient time to perform a site visit and visually inspect the balconies and railings also including the slab around them, the wall attachments, balusters, and fasteners. This is a critical component of a building as the occupants are kept safe by properly installed and maintained railings. We will also walk around and inspect the interior stairway railing systems.

A report with digital photos will be issued, describing all defects that need attention. After the repairs are completed, we will schedule a reinspection of the property to ensure they were completed and the balcony certificate will be issued.

How can I schedule a balcony railing inspection?

Hire CFBI for a professional inspection of the balcony and railings in your building. Our seamless service will help eliminate liability for the establishment and will take the extra paperwork off your to-do list. Don’t let this vitally important inspection go to chance or get passed over, resulting in fines or issues with the State of Florida.

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Examples of common defects found during railing inspections:

Cracks in the slab around support posts
Rusted and damaged railing supports that are very weak
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