Central Florida
New Home Construction Inspections

An increasing number of forward thinking Central Florida home buyers are employing an independent home inspector to complete a final inspection once the construction is completed.

Why do I need an independent building inspector to do a final inspection on my new construction project?

There are as many as 20 different subcontracts who will work on your home during the construction phase. Sometimes changes or modifications are made without the benefit of having them reviewed by the builder’s representative, and these changes or modification may create hazardous construction defects.

The Central Florida area has a limited number of municipal building inspectors, and each inspector typically performs 20 inspections per day, spending as little as 15 minutes on your property.

The Florida climate is hard on new construction. Rain, ground water and humidity can invade your new construction during the build process leaving your foundation, drywall, insulation and other features susceptible to water damage, mold and many other dangers.

Central Florida Building Inspectors will inspect the structure and every major subsystem of your final construction project to ensure the building process was carried out to an acceptable standard. Our inspections usually take from 2½ to 4 hours depending on the size of the home. As a part of our inspection we will observe, describe and identify all installed systems and components of the project and point out construction defects when observed.

1-Year Builder Warranty Inspections

After buying a new home most home builders offer a warranty on their houses covering most issues for up to a year. We here at CFBI can perform a comprehensive and detailed home inspection on your house to determine any issues that should be addressed by the builder prior to the end of the warranty. This is your last chance to have the builder pay for any repairs on your home or lingering issues not handled during the construction phase. We will inspect your home from top to bottom and will identify the issues and create a detailed home inspection report that can be handed over to the builder. All home inspections include thermal imaging (infrared scan) to ensure the unseen is also inspected!

We also offer reinspection services for a discounted price to ensure the builder has corrected any issues found during this 1-year warranty home inspection. Call our office today to obtain pricing and get more information on our new home construction and warranty inspection services.

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