CFBI Pricing & Rates

Home Inspection Services
The cost of a residential home inspection is determined by the heated square feet of the house along with a few other factors. This commonly places a normal-sized residential home inspection between $295 to $395. We price every home based on its own features and characteristics so a customized quote will be required to provide you an accurate price on the home inspection. This is a relatively small number when factoring the size of your investment (home inspection = less than 0.1%-0.2% of purchase price). We also offer numerous ancillary inspections for additional fees such as termite inspections, pool & spa inspections, mold testing, well water quality testing, wind mitigation and 4-point reports.

Commercial Property Inspection Services
The cost of a commercial building inspection is determined by various factors which include square footage, overall type of building (office, office/warehouse, suite, strip center, industrial, etc.) and a few other factors. A customized quote will be needed for this type of inspection so please contact us for a free phone consultation.

The investment in a quality property inspection will pay dividends in the long run! So… why compromise on quality for a home or commercial property inspection that is a few dollars cheaper?

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As with most things in life, we have found that you usually get what you pay for. Home inspections are not different! What you usually end up paying for is experience. The newer, less-experienced inspectors will charge less to help build up their business while the more established and experienced inspections will charge more. Here at Central Florida Building Inspectors we believe in charging a fair yet competitive price for our services. However, we will likely charge more than some of our competitors. The difference will be receiving the highest-quality inspection possible with the experience and knowledge to back it up. All of our home inspections are performed with the most sophisticated testing equipment available including:

Thermal Imaging Camera
Radio-wave Moisture Meters (pin-type & non-destructive)
Infrared Laser Thermometers
Stinger High Powered Flashlights
Fluke Temperature & Humidity Meters
Microwave Leak Detectors
Professional Reporting Software
Cannon Digital Cameras

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