Ready to Sell? Five Steps to Take Before Your Home Inspection

So you have a buyer who agrees to buy your home. You’re almost to the finish line for a deal.

But first, you must pass a home inspection. That’s understandable since most buyers don’t want to sign the contract until they are sure there are no significant issues with your property.

Not to worry. With a little planning, you can pass the home inspection with flying colors and little investment.

Keep reading to discover our five essential ways to prepare your property for a home inspection.

1. Clean the House

Chances are you’ve already been keeping a clean home in preparation for last-minute home showings. Even though you now have an offer, it’s important to keep the house clean for your inspection.

A qualified home inspector won’t dock you if the house is messy, but it may raise concerns that other areas of the property might not be properly maintained.

2. Provide Clear Access to Inspection Points

You will need to ensure that the home inspector can easily access every part of your property. If they can’t get to an area and inspect it, it will send a warning signal to your buyers.

Make sure there are at least 6 inches of space around your home’s perimeter. Clear the path to your basement or attic and make sure your inspector can properly view furnace rooms and under sinks.

3. Inspect the Roof

Has it been a while since you got a good look at the roof on your house? If so, you’ll need to assess it now as it’s an important part of the home inspection.

Start with the gutters and clear out any debris. Make sure downspouts are properly connected and that water can flow efficiently.

Sweep dirt and debris off of your roof. Look for any missing tiles or ones that need replacing and make any necessary repairs before your inspection.

4. Maintain the Home’s Interior

Start with something simple like replacing light bulbs. Yes, it’s a minor detail but no sense having it end up in an inspection report.

Move on to the bathrooms and repair any water damage found there. Clear out clogged bathtub drains and apply new caulking around the bathtubs.

Clean the grout in the bathrooms and the kitchen and replace any torn window screens.

5. Maintain the Home’s Exterior

It’s a good idea to prune trees that are close to your roof line.  Also, trim back bushes from outdoor A/C units and eliminate debris from foundation vents and drains.

Make sure there’s no damage to your siding and that the caulking around windows and doors is airtight. Keep your perimeter clear of plants, storage items, and trash cans so the inspector can get work without obstruction.

Final Thoughts on Your Home Inspection

It’s a good idea to leave your home during the home inspection. Leave remotes for the garage door and indoor fixtures. Also leave any keys the inspector may need for gates, electrical boxes and so on

If you need an inspector to come to your home, we want to help. Check out our home inspection services or contact us now.

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