Staying Safe at Home: 5 Important Reasons Why You Should Test for Black Mold

There are many potential dangers in a home, but there’s one that might be lingering right under your nose that you haven’t noticed.

However, just because you don’t notice it (as it can be hidden from sight), doesn’t mean you won’t feel the potential health impacts of it. We’re talking about black mold, which left on its own, can put your family’s health at risk.

Here are 5 reasons why you should test for black mold

1. Black Mold is Not Always Visible

If you know what black mold looks like (it can be black or dark green), then you already know you need a service that can safely remove it. Unfortunately, not all black mold presents itself.

It might be hidden behind drywall, baseboards, or cabinets. Basically, places that are moist with minimal ventilation can be breeding grounds for this type of mold. But you might need a professional to find it.

2. It Lies In Waiting – Until It’s Disturbed

Typically, black mold stays put unless the spores are knocked free by construction, for example (kind of like asbestos fibers). So while you might think your home is mold-free, it might be a ticking time bomb if you don’t have testing and something dislodges the mold into the indoor air.

3. It Can Trigger Allergies

If you find yourself with watery eyes, stuffy nose, and other allergy symptoms, there’s a chance black mold could be the culprit. Especially if you notice the allergy symptoms of mold are present year-round, and not just seasonally.

Black mold is heavier than some other types of spores, so they typically won’t stay airborne for very long. But they still have the potential to cause you allergy misery until you find it and address it.

4. Black Mold Can Be Poisonous

Beyond the possible allergy symptoms from black mold, there are other possible health impacts that are more severe. Black mold contains mycotoxins, which are most dangerous when inhaled.

There’s a condition called mycotoxicosis that can mimic a cold or flu. Those with asthma and allergies are at particular risk, as exposure to these spores can lead to headaches, fatigue, fever, and even respiratory distress.

If you exposed to black mold spores for a prolonged period of time, you might end up with more severe consequences including cognitive impacts (memory), hair loss, cramps, unexplained weight gain, and even numbness in your extremities.

The immunosuppressant quality of black mold could even lead to organ damage.

5. It Can Lower Property Value

This reason to test for black mold is not health-related. However, imagine if you’re selling your house and the buyer’s inspector finds green/black mold hiding in places (and other potential hazards like radon) you didn’t know about.

That could lead to losing a potential buyer or having them use the mold as a negotiating point in their favor. That means selling for less than you expected. It’s not a surprise you want, especially if you’ve put money into upgrading your home for the market.

Get The Test For Black Mold

If you’re concerned about your family’s allergy symptoms, or you just want to make sure there are no surprises hiding that could end up causing problems down the road, then you should test for black mold.

Contact us to find out more about our mold testing and other services.

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