Why a Commercial Building Inspection is Crucial Before Buying a Business

Being an Orlando business owner in today’s economic climate can be scary enough on its own. Thankfully, we’re starting to move past government-mandated shutdowns and social distancing protocols. However, your success as a Florida business owner is never guaranteed, only one in three small businesses make it to 10 years.

There are things you can do to improve your odds, however. Obviously you need to know how to market your business and provide good customer service. But what if we told you that a building inspection could literally make or break your business?

Imagine buying a business or a commercial building to start your business in, only to find out it has severe problems. It could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars, essentially drowning your business in debt.

Keep reading to understand why getting a building inspection is so important for the future of your company.

Ensure the Integrity of the Roof

One of the most vital components of any building is its roof. The roof of a building is its primary means of protecting the internal structure from the elements. A roof in disrepair leads to internal and structural water damage that can significantly affect the integrity of a building.

Water can lead to wood rot, drywall rot, pests, and harmful mold. An Orlando commercial building inspection will analyze the integrity of the roof and determine if it needs any repairs.

Identify Potential Health Concerns

A commercial building inspector can also discover and identify future health concerns hidden within the property. For example, as mentioned above, water leaks from plumbing, the roof, or the foundation can lead to mold growth. Black mold exposure can lead to serious health problems.

Additionally, depending on when the building was built, it could have lead paint or asbestos.

Prevent Expensive Damages or Repairs in the Future

If you’re concerned about how much building inspections cost, we urge you to think about the potential long-term costs of declining to have your property inspected. It will save you or your business money in the immediate future but could lead to extravagant costs in the long run.

Like most problems in life, the more we ignore them or remain unaware of them, the worse they get. For example, a roof damaged by hail may need a simple repair. However, if left unaddressed, your building will be vulnerable to expensive water damage issues.

Ensure the Safety of You, Your Employees, and Your Customers

Lastly, a commercial building inspection is vital for ensuring everyone who enters the building is safe and secure at all times. This includes you, your employees, independent contractors, and your customers or clients.

Not only is it your moral obligation as a building owner, but it’s also the most financially prudent option. For example, if there are electrical or wiring issues that go unnoticed, it could lead to a fire, potentially destroying your entire life’s work.

Finally, if your building is unsafe and causes harm or injury, you can be held liable. It’s not above people to sue business owners for injuries they obtain on commercial properties.

Need a Commercial Building Inspection?

Are you buying a new business with a pre-existing commercial location? Are you starting a new business and buying a property? If so, we highly recommend getting a certified Orlando Florida commercial building inspection before you sign any contracts.

If you’re in need of an inspection, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or address any questions or concerns.

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Why a Commercial Building Inspection is Crucial Before Buying a Business

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