Why Every Building Owner Should Lean Into Balcony Railing Inspections

A balcony may look sturdy, but how can you know for sure if it has not been inspected?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), over five years, a quarter of a million people were injured due to balcony failures in the US. 15% were due to balcony railing and structural failure or collapse. 

Does your commercial property have a balcony? If so, it is time you have a balcony railing inspection. Balcony safety is essential for commercial buildings, after all. 

Read on to learn the benefits of routine balcony inspections.

Adhere to Balcony Railing Specifications

Your commercial building needs to meet your state building codes. The Florida Building code has balcony and railing specifications. It includes details such as railings height and spacing guidelines.

If your property is old or a new-build, do not presume the balcony meets specifications. Balcony inspections will ensure you avoid significant fines and prosecution. If you are building a property, get advice from professionals to meet specifications. 

There are other codes, such as the International Residential code, that you may need to abide by. Save the time of research and inaccurate measuring with professionals. Also, sometimes regulations change, so you keep up to date with routine inspections.  

Identify Areas of Deterioration

Balcony inspections will find areas of deterioration and make sure they do not get worse. Your balcony is exposed to the elements, so over time, it can decline, even to the point of collapse. 

During inspections, you will be given potential solutions to prevent further decline. Maybe you need to waterproof your balcony or include drainage.

Sometimes older balconies have nails instead of secure fastening. A balcony railing will need bolts. It is details like this that a balcony railing inspection will identify. 

Save Money with Maintenance 

You need regular commercial building inspections to prevent expensive costs down the line. It might be easy to ignore a loose railing now, but problems can increase and become more costly over time. 

It is the same with rusting and other deterioration that can become costly. If issues become dangerous, you could also be liable for any risks or injuries. 

Ensure Balcony Safety

And most importantly, balcony inspections will prevent injury and protect everyone’s safety. Your balcony may appear secure, but there are specifications for a reason. So, protect all users and your wallet.

It is unbelievable how spacing, and balcony railing height, can make such a difference.

Get a Balcony Railing Inspection

Commercial buildings need attention to prevent deterioration. Do not forget your balcony!

Get a regular balcony railing inspection for your peace of mind and the safety of everyone. Always ask for evidence if told there have been balcony inspections. If you do not have evidence, have an inspection!

A regular inspection every one to two years will keep your balcony up-to-date with specifications. But make sure you go with a reputable company.

At Central Florida Building Inspections, we offer commercial building inspections you can rely on. Contact us today to find out more. 

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