4 Reasons Why You Need Pre-Drywall Inspections

Imagine it, you’ve hired a company to build your new home, and everything is in place except the drywall. You want to be done, to have the last layer put in place so you can relax in your new home. Yet, rushing to get drywall on can be a mistake. 

For example, over 35 percent of respondents in a survey reported electrical problems in their homes. These respondents probably wish they had taken one more step before declaring their home finished. 

Pre-drywall inspections are crucial if you want to know about any structural issues in your home. If this interests you, don’t click away. This article will highlight 4 reasons to hire a pre-drywall inspector. 

1. Pre-Drywall Inspections Can Discover Plumbing Issues

If you aren’t worried about plumbing issues in your new home, think again. Countless American homes suffer from damaged plumbing, and a mere leak can cost up to 200 dollars annually. 

Rushing to get your house’s drywall done can hinder any attempts at fixing damaged plumbing. This is why it’s crucial to consider a pre-drywall inspection, as they can detect plumbing damage before any commitments are made. 

2. They Can Also Find Faulty Wiring

Bad electrical wiring isn’t an uncommon problem. And it is one that will cause you an immense amount of irritation down the line. 

A pre drywall inspection report will tell you if all your outlets and lighting are working properly. 

A lot of new homeowners find themselves worrying about pre-drywall inspection costs. If you’re one of them, know that there are affordable options. So don’t hold off any longer! 

3. An Inspection Will Evaluate Structural Integrity

The last thing you want after applying drywall is for the whole house to come tumbling down. When shoddy materials are used in construction, things can go wrong fast.

A pre-drywall inspection can evaluate whether your home’s builders skimped out on necessary materials. 

4. They Will Also See if The Building Is up to Code

As sad as it is, many contracted companies can and will make mistakes while building your home. This could be something as simple as a misaligned doorframe, to something more severe, like improperly laid foundations. 

When your building isn’t up to code, it can cost you a lot of time, money, and effort. One of the benefits of a pre-drywall inspection is that it can determine if there are any issues in your home due to shoddy building. 

An Inspection Can Save You Time and Money

Many people every year fail to get Pre-drywall inspections. The issue is that prematurely declaring the job done can be disastrous for you and your family. 

Going over a pre drywall inspection checklist is a crucial step in becoming a homeowner. They’ll alert you if there are any significant issues with your home, like bad plumbing or wiring.

If you want to make sure your home is in it for the long haul, then don’t put off hiring a pre drywall inspector. If don’t know where to start, make sure to contact Central Florida Building Inspectors! We have the knowledge needed to make sure your home is safe! 

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