5 New Construction Inspection Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Home construction is expected to boom this year. New housing starts in March were 6.8% higher than the previous month. As you try to make sure that you don’t miss your construction targets, be sure to avoid new construction inspection mistakes. 

 Whether you are inspecting new homes for the first time or just want to improve the process, read on to learn five mistakes to avoid.

1. Hiring the Cheapest Inspector

When hiring a home inspector, it’s easy to think about going cheap. You should never settle on the cheapest inspector you find. Try finding someone who offers the best value for a fair price. 

Remember, you are already investing a lot of money in your home. Don’t throw that investment away by failing to find the right inspector. You can save future headaches by doing it right the first time around. 

Read reviews and testimonials and ask about the inspector’s experience and credentials

2. Forgoing Additional Tests

An inspector will often ask for a specialist to evaluate a potential problem. Maybe mold was found or there is a need for a roofing expert.

Don’t ignore these recommendations. Hiring a specialist is often not as expensive as you think. It can take minimal time to schedule and should be an important part of your checklist

3. Disregarding the Report

Inspecting new homes is only one part of the process. You will also need to take the report seriously. Once the home is inspected, you will receive a report. Listen carefully to what the inspector tells you. 

New homeowners sometimes make the error of just skimming over a report instead of reading it through.

4. Forgetting to Have a Final Inspection After Repairs

Once you have addressed the issues you should have another inspection. People sometimes skip this step. It is important to understand if the repairs were done correctly. 

Sometimes, you may find that the issues were not fixed. A second inspection protects you and the potential seller. 

5. Not Being Present for the Inspection

Don’t be tempted to skip out on the inspection. It’s not enough to just read the inspection report later. 

Nothing beats being present for an inspection. Hearing the inspector’s comments can help greatly. Not everything is always written down as part of the home inspection process. 

Inspections can take upward of three hours. Be sure that you are there for at least the end so you can speak with the inspector directly. You may catch small bits of advice that aren’t listed on the home inspection report. 

Learn More Tips on Avoiding New Construction Inspection Mistakes

Following these five tips can help you avoid potentially costly new construction inspection mistakes. A successful inspection process can give you peace of mind. 

Are you looking for a trusted home inspector in the Central Florida area? Call our office today. You can also leave us an online message and a member of our team will respond promptly.  

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