What are the 5 Benefits of Getting a Pre-Drywall Inspection?

America has faced an ongoing housing shortage for a while now. Chalk it up to a big falloff in new construction following the 2008 financial crisis. The big home-buying frenzy of the last few years only made it worse.

So, it’s not hard to understand why Americans started building approximately 1.55 million homes in 2022. Of course, building a home is a different animal than buying an existing home.

For one thing, you don’t normally worry about things like a drywall inspection before installation. Yet, a pre-drywall inspection can offer you some real benefits. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Blueprint Consistency

Nobody likes to imagine that their contractor would cut corners to save a buck. Yet, with building material prices in a constant state of flux, contractors might look for ways they can keep costs down without necessarily mentioning it.

A pre-drywall inspection helps ensure that the building you get actually conforms with the building in the blueprints.

2. Plumbing Evaluation

The last thing a new homeowner wants in their brand-new house is a plumbing issue. After all, there’s a reason you hired professionals to build the thing for you.

Getting an inspector in before installing drywall lets them take a good, long look at the plumbing. If there’s an issue, it’s much easier to fix before the drywall goes up.

3. Electrical Evaluation

Another area where you don’t want to discover problems after you move in is the electrical system. Given how many people now work remotely, having unreliable power can become a serious problem for some people’s careers.

Having someone in for the pre-drywall inspection lets them take the same kind of long look at the electrical that they’ll take at the plumbing. If there are wiring problems, repairs will prove much simpler before the drywall installation.

4. Structural Integrity

While similar to checking for blueprint conformity, checking the structural integrity is a little different. The blueprint check is making sure the building follows the design pattern set out in the blueprint.

The structural integrity check ensures that the actual materials the contractor used will hold up to the rigors of daily use.

5. Code Compliance

Ironically, the construction of a building can prove safe and functional without meeting the local or national code requirements. The pre-drywall inspection makes sure that the contractor built your new home within the national and local codes, which can spare you a lot of headaches down the road.

Pre-installation Drywall Inspection and You

Granted, a pre-installation drywall inspection isn’t a requirement, but it’s almost always beneficial. It lets you know that the home you get will, barring something very odd, provide you with safe, functional plumbing and electrical service.

You also find out whether the home conforms with the plans set out in the blueprints without major deviations. You get a second opinion on structural integrity. Plus, you ensure that your home meets with the applicable local and national codes.

Central Florida Building Inspectors, Inc. offers pre-drywall inspections. For more information or to book an inspection, contact CFBI today.

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