9 Benefits of Having Your Hotel’s Balcony Railings Inspected

Did you know that some Americans are budgeting up to three weeks of income toward summer vacations? If you run a hotel, that means you need to prepare for a surge in bookings. And that also means you need to make sure you’re operating a safe building where guests can feel comfortable.

Plan on committing to regular building inspections from certified experts. And keep reading to learn about the nine benefits of having your hotel’s balcony railings inspected!

1. Ensure a Safe Building for Guests

The main reason to get a balcony inspection is to make sure you’re providing a safe environment for your guests. When people book a stay at your hotel, they have expectations that their safety is top of mind.

Summer storms can wreak havoc on building materials. This is particularly true in areas prone to hot and humid summers. If you operate a hotel in an area with volatile weather, you’ll need to be especially committed to routine hotel inspections.

2. Discover Safety Issues

A balcony inspector is trained to spot problems that conflict with balcony code requirements. Their job is to offer an objective account of your building’s condition. Further, they will provide recommendations for improvements and, in some instances, estimated costs.

Even if you think you are good at spotting issues like rot or loose screws, you won’t have the expertise of someone trained as an inspector. For the most thorough evaluation, you need to hire a professional to look at your balcony and building.

They will understand how problems like rusted metal or poor drainage can contribute to bigger problems down the road. They also can look at things like support beams and other areas of vulnerability. 

3. Gain Access to the Best Inspection Methods

Quality building inspectors will have sophisticated ways to inspect your building. You’ll learn much more about the state of your structure than you would by just making quick visual assessments. Beyond just the railings, inspectors can give you a detailed report regarding all aspects of your building.

Drones can provide footage of your roof and other portions of the property that are difficult to see. Inspectors will use moisture meters to assess the integrity of your structure’s walls. They also will know when to wear protective gear, like safety goggles or harnesses.  

4. Avoid Liability 

The last thing you want to see happen is a guest sustaining an injury at your hotel. If a guest falls or hurts themself on account of a faulty balcony railing, you will be liable for the problem.

You may need to cover the costs of medical bills. And your hotel’s reputation will sink if people know that the structure is unsafe. You can prevent these scenarios by getting regular inspections and heeding the suggestions.

5. Help Determine Your Maintenance Budget

Investing in regular hotel inspections may sound like a hassle. But doing so can help you plot an annual budget and account for upcoming expenses more easily.

For example, if you own a waterside hotel, corrosion is a realistic expectation. High salinity levels in the air can break down balcony materials more quickly.

An annual inspection can help you understand the state of your fasteners, railing, and decking. And you’ll be able to anticipate a timeline for future repairs. 

6. Comply With Regulations

Do you know the regulations regarding inspections in your state? As a business owner, you should check. You may need to have hotel inspections at particular intervals to operate legally.

Turn to a state-licensed inspector for these evaluations. You can trust that these individuals will have the experience and trained eye to spot problems. 

For instance, they will know if the type of railings you have are compliant with current requirements. And they will assess things like the condition of your railing, the spacing of the slats, and the level of rust.

7. Steer Clear of Bigger Expenses

Think of balcony railing inspections as a preventative effort. In other words, you can avoid much more costly repairs to your property later if you address smaller issues first. 

Your balcony inspector might suggest trimming nearby trees to avoid the buildup of debris. They may suggest replacing parts that are warped, water damaged, or rusted.

These smaller efforts are worth your time. Maintain a balcony repair checklist after meeting with an inspector so you can prevent larger structural repairs later.

8. Maintain a More Attractive Property

A balcony inspection can keep your property looking its best. While safety is the top goal, the curb appeal of your property matters, as well. An inspection can alert you to structural issues, many of which also show up in the appearance of balcony railings.

Waterproofing a railing or replacing one as needed will enhance the appearance of your hotel. And your guests will notice. A well-kept hotel reflects well on you, and it might just earn you better ratings.

9. Improve Your Property’s Value

Lastly, you should pursue an inspection because it can boost your hotel’s value. An attractive hotel with strong structural integrity could command a higher asking price. Should you ever seek to sell your property, you’ll have an advantage.

Gradually maintain and improve your property over time. Then you won’t have to spend a lot on last-minute improvements. You also will be less likely to face unpleasant surprises when a potential buyer has the property inspected. 

Get Balcony Railings Inspected

You want to feel confident that the balcony railings in your hotel are sturdy when guests lean over them. Make sure you’re having regular balcony and hotel inspections. Professional inspectors can help you spot structural issues before they become major problems.

When you need hotel inspections to keep your property safe, contact us for help!

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