How Well Water Quality Testing Can Impact Property Value and Home Sales

We all know curb appeal can impact whether a home sells, but did you know that water quality can have an impact, too? Don’t neglect to factor in the water running from your taps when you’re getting ready to sell a home.

And that’s especially true if you’re relying on well water to stay hydrated. Read on to learn how well water quality testing can affect your property value and home sales!

Understand How Well Water Works

First, it’s wise to be clear on where well water comes from. You might even be asked about your well water source if you’re selling a home.

In general, well water is sourced from below the ground, and some wells may extend as deep as 1,000 feet. Ultimately, that hole in the ground has to extend far enough to reach an aquifer, which is a level where soil and rocks can yield water. 

Well water is brought up from beneath the ground using an electric pump. From there, the water travels through a supply pipe to reach someone’s home. Each time water is pumped to the surface, the supply is replenished thanks to gravity forcing more water from the rocks. 

Wells tend to be more common in rural areas where there isn’t a public water supply. And unlike public water sources, wells are not governed by a national entity. This can mean that the water quality and well’s condition will be more variable.

Even so, wells can last for around two decades or more if they’re in good repair. But as a resident in a home that uses wells, you don’t want to assume anything. Instead, you’ll want to verify that the water you’re drinking is safe.

Check Your Water Quality

With well water, it’s critical to test your water regularly. There’s always a risk of contamination from sources such as bacteria or chemicals.

If you live in a rural area, for instance, runoff can carry pesticides from farms that impact your water quality. Or if your well hasn’t been maintained effectively, it might not be producing clean water. 

A good home inspection company can work with you to conduct a water test during the inspection process as you’re buying a new home. If you’re a buyer, you want to know that you’ll be drinking clean water. Since well water is not governed as stringently as public water sources, you’ll need to do the testing yourself. 

Plan on testing your water each year. This is especially important if you’re working with an older well. Water quality can change over time, and you’ll want to monitor spikes as well as more gradual changes.

You can find water quality testing kits that are user-friendly to ensure that you actually commit to annual water tests. These tests can look at things like nitrate levels or bacteria. Some can show if you’re getting too much iron or other minerals in your water, as well. 

You don’t want poor water quality to bring down your property value. But if you’re not able to show that your water source has normal pH levels and contaminant-free water, it could. When a house sits on the market, at some point the asking price will need to go down.

Know How to Maintain Your Water

The best way to maintain a well system is to test the water regularly and fix common issues. For private wells, you may need to replace parts, such as pumps, if you live in your home for over a decade. 

You can take care of some of the more common issues with well water at home, too. For instance, well water can be high in calcium and other minerals that make it turn into hard water. Hard water can leave behind scaly marks on your drinking glasses and faucets.

Because of this, it pays to get a water softener. A water softener helps remove excess minerals so your water doesn’t leave behind residue. You may even notice a better flavor after using a softener. 

Additionally, you may want an iron filter to remove excess iron. Iron can adversely impact your home by causing iron stains or rust in your water pipes. If you’re diligent about changing an iron filter every few months, you can prevent these issues and help maintain a fresh and healthy water supply. 

And if your water quality is good, don’t be shy about it. Especially when you’re trying to sell a home, you can leverage good water as a selling point. 

Explain the Benefits of Well Water

If you’re trying to sell a house that uses well water, you can use this fact to your advantage. After all, access to water is an essential, life-giving component of every home.

For starters, you can count on a constant supply of water when you’re using a well. A public water supply, by contrast, may be more susceptible to problems. Contaminant issues or disruptions due to weather conditions can stop the flow of water to your faucets.

Similarly, your risk of disruptions is lower simply because well water won’t be traveling across a large metropolitan area. Shorter distances can mean fewer issues with pipes or chemical intrusions.

Some people prefer the taste of well water, too, saying that it tastes fresher. Well water tends to have more minerals and nutrients that are beneficial as part of a healthy lifestyle. For an individual considering buying a home that sources its water from wells, these benefits may be enough to tip the scales in the seller’s favor.

Pursue Well Water Quality Testing

With well water quality testing, you don’t have to be nervous if you’re diligent about maintenance. You can stay on top of changes to your water quality. And in doing so, you’ll keep your water supply healthy and reliable, and boost your home’s appeal to potential buyers. 

At Central Florida Building Inspectors, we’ve been offering comprehensive property inspections since 1988. You can trust we have the expertise to answer any questions and help you make an informed choice about a home or commercial property. Contact us today to learn more!

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