Orlando Wind Mitigation Inspections: What to Expect

In 2018, tropical cyclones cost the United States $30.4 billion in damages. This seasonal natural disaster is often responsible for the most wind damage per year. 

Of course, it’s not the only source of wind damage. Tornadoes and even thunderstorms are other culprits. Tornadoes alone caused $672 million in economic losses.

That’s why wind mitigation inspections are so important before you buy a new home. Your insurance company may ask for them if you live in an area that experiences these weather patterns.

To find out what a wind mitigation inspection entails, check out the guide below.

What Is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

A wind mitigation inspection is when a licensed inspector evaluates wind-resistant features on a property. These features help protect a home during storms.

Some states require wind mitigation inspections and some do not. Even if not required, it’s wise to have this inspection done is the property is located in an area where storms occur often.

What Is Inspected?

A wind mitigation inspection can be carried out by an official inspector, a licensed contractor, an engineer, or an architect. Sometimes an inspection team will have more than one of these people come out to inspect the home.

These professionals will examine the roof, how the roof is secured to the walls, windows, doors, garage doors, general construction, when the home was built, and water resistance. 

The professional will check all points of potential wind damage that could be inflicted by a major storm. 

What Is the Purpose of an Inspection?

Every year, news outlets report millions and billions of dollars worth of damage due to storms. There’s nothing we can do to prevent the storms, but there are things we can do to prevent the damage. 

There’s no way to know how susceptible a property is to wind damage without a wind mitigation inspection. Not only will the inspector tell you the weak points in your home, but they will give you suggestions for how to fix them. 

How Much Does the Inspection Cost?

Thankfully, a wind mitigation inspection does not cost an arm and a leg. On average, it should cost less than $100.

Usually, however, homeowners and potential homeowners combine this inspection with a general home inspection. We offer a discounted rate for the wind mitigation add-on if done in conjuction with a general home inspection.

What Are Wind Mitigation Credits?

The best part of a wind mitigation inspection is that your insurance company might reward you for your efforts. These rewards are given through wind mitigation credits. 

If your home has more protection, the insurance company will have discounts available. You can have a huge chunk of your hurricane or wind premium discounted. 

Finding Inspection Services

Wind mitigation inspection is a smart prevention strategy. Even if you already own the home, this inspection can illuminate weak points in your home and allow you to improve them before a disaster occurs. 

The price of the inspection is cost-effective when you consider the potential to save. Your insurance company can even reward you for your efforts. 

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