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Why is a Home Inspection Necessary

It would be fair to say, those looking to buy a home do not have extra money to just “throw away”; buying a house is a massive investment that takes up most (if not all) of a person's finances. Therefore, the average homebuyer should be working towards making the best...

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Will Exposure to Mold Cause Issues to my Health

You need to be aware that breathing in airborne mold spores and continual exposure to high levels of mold, can lead to the development of health problems. Even if you are not sensitive to mold spores, you can easily develop a number of allergens that can affect your...

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Termite Mounds are Never a Pretty Sight in your Home

For most people in Florida, finding their home has termites instantly fills them with fear. For a homeowner trying to eradicate termites and kill them off is very difficult to do. The only successful way to remove the the problem is have it treated by professionals....

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A Home Inspection includes Structural Damage Assessment

When you are looking to buy a home or property it is important to hire a home inspection company who can check the house for structural damage. Some damage is fairly obvious to see and is clearly visible, sagging roof lines, leaning walls are easy to spot. When...

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Do you know what to expect from a Home Inspection?

The dream of anyone buying a home is wishing that they had the luxury of snapping their fingers and all their belongings would magically move from the old house into the new one. In a perfect world, that’s how the entire buying and moving process would go, snag free...

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Why should I Prepare for a Home Inspection?

The Federal Law in the U.S. leaves it up to individual states to regulate home inspections. That means there are many states that don’t deem it necessary for a home inspection to be carried out during the home buying process. The best thing you can do is plan well and...

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