Don’t Neglect Your Attic: 5 Reasons to Have It Inspected Yearly

It may sound strange, but an attic is essentially a health indicator for your home.

Issues in an attic could point to obvious problems around your home- such as roof leaks or a pest infestation. But an attic also holds the answers to more sinister issues that you may otherwise overlook.

Here’s why regular attic inspection is so important for the overall health of your home.

Attic Inspection for a Healthy Home

At most, an attic is inspected once every year, if that! Best practice, however, dictates that you should inspect an attic every 6-months- once during the spring, and once after winter.

If you’re inspecting your attic during spring, start by examining the underside of the roof for leaks in preparation for rain.

If your attic is unfinished, make sure to inspect visible areas near the rafters and sheathing. Look out for dark, crumbling, or peeling areas of plaster or wallboard.

If any of these areas are damp, this could point to an issue with roof leaks and replacement shingles.

Other than this, here’s why you should inspect your attic

1. Keep Your Home Warm

Attic insulation plays a major role in regulating the overall temperature of your home- whether it’s winter or summer.

An inspection of the state of your attic insulation could point to why your home is warmer than usual, or perhaps colder than you’d like! This is especially important at the change of major seasons i.e. spring and autumn.

2. Prevent a Nasty Build-Up of Fungus

Your attic is a hot-spot for the build-up of dampness, which, in turn, could become a breeding site for mold to grow and thrive.

Even if it’s just the smallest of leaks, mold growth can be toxic. It contributes to the flare-up of allergies and can even cause major illness.

Believe it or not, even standing water in your basement can contribute to high moisture levels in your attic. So be sure to check both areas during your inspection.

3. Keep Critters at Bay

An attic is another hot-spot for small critters looking to escape the cold of winter or even the heat of the day. If your attic is uninhabited, it’s almost guaranteed this area will attract some form of life.

These critters range from rats, mice, bats, raccoons, and even birds. If there’s a way in, they will find it! Bi-annual inspections are important for avoiding a pest or critter infestation.

4. Prevent Electrical Disasters

This is especially important if you’re the new owner of a home with an attic. You may inspect your attic only to find a number of electrical shortcuts, junction boxes, and uncovered wiring snaking through your attic.

This poses a major fire hazard and could also lead to numerous electrical issues throughout your home. Make sure all wiring is properly covered with insulation and if an electrician is needed for re-wiring- it’s worth splashing the cash!

5. Regulate Condensation Throughout Your Home

Got a leak coming from your attic? In some cases, this is not actually caused by loose roof shingles, but condensation build-up. So, the question is: where is this moisture coming from?

Very often, condensation build-up could point to a major issue in your home that you otherwise may not have noticed. This includes issues with incorrectly installed insulation, HVAC leaks, and major leaks in your basement. All of these issues could cause a very humid attic environment.

In Need of a Building Inspection Specialist?

At Central Florida Building Inspectors we are experts in attic inspection and all other major areas of the home.

If you’re looking to prepare your home for sale or think you’ve found your dream home, we’re here to offer you a trusted home inspection service.

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