Benefits of Having a Home Inspection

At Central Florida Building Inspectors, we know that a home purchase is one of the largest investments we will ever make. Before purchasing a property you should learn as much as you can about it, including what may need to be repaired. Your home inspection will be completed by a qualified home inspector, with attention to detail, who will provide an easy to read report, with digital photos of major concerns.

Who should have a Home Inspection? We’ll take a look at why it would be a great idea for buyers, sellers and even current home owners.

Buyers are always encouraged to be present for the inspection to learn and to familiarize themselves with the home. A home inspection will inspect all of the items that apply from the list below. The inspector will not only inspect easily accessible items such as the plumbing fixtures, electrical wall switches, and mechanical components, but will also inspect the difficult to access areas, including the attic, if possible. The buyer will receive a thorough report documenting any safety concerns, which will allow the buyer to make a more informed decision about purchasing the property.

A pre-listing home inspection can give the sellers an overview of the current condition of the house, especially if the owners are aware that routine maintenance has not been performed. The seller will receive a detailed report noting any safety concerns, items that do not function as normal, and serious issues. This information gives the sellers the opportunity to repair current and/or potential problems before listing the property.

Current home owners that are aware that minimal maintenance has been carried out on their home,  may wish to have a home inspection performed to point out what repairs are necessary and to locate minor repairs before they become major problems. The owner will receive a detailed report documenting any concerns and defects that can be used as a check list for repairs.

At CFBI, we would welcome the opportunity to help give you more peace of mind in this area.


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