Who benefits the most for a Home Inspection?

Who benefits the most for a home inspection? Simple question with a simple answer, you are the person who benefits most. There are many stages of buying a home; first stage is looking for the perfect property, singling out and the choosing the best option. On the other hand, if you are a seller, then opting for home inspection by a building inspector can greatly increase the chances of a glitch-free sale.

It does not matter if you are the buyer or seller of a home what matters is that a home inspection service can save time and thousands of dollars in repairs due to issues that may be detected before purchase.

The homeowner can help improve his/her chances of having a speedy sale if there has been a home inspection service carried out. In most cases, an early detected problem will cost less than repairing it when things have advanced into a worsened state.

The home buyer needs the home inspection in order to get a correct and accurate idea about the home they put an offer on, or to use the issues found as a negotiating tool. Getting an expert’s opinion and evaluation on all issues, including minor ones, will give the buyer an opportunity to offer the correct price against the asking price.

Correct price tag

A home inspection is not mandatory in the home buying or selling process (like an appraisal), but it is essential and helps clear things up. It also offers peace of mind whether it is the seller looking to put the house on the market, or the buyer about to place a bid.

By not hiring a home inspector, it could leave too many things wide open. In some cases, either the home owner or buyer will be the person left paying high pricing of repair costs. Put your best foot forward during the stages of purchase, hire in an experienced home inspector, and take advantage of the benefits.

Home Inspection and what you need to know

You need to know that a home inspector really is your last line of defense and an inspector’s findings are the defining factor that could help save you from disappearing into a financial abyss.  All new and old buildings can pass certain codes and may look the part from the outside, but do keep in mind that just because you have bought a new home it is somehow exempt from a home inspection service.

Every home needs a home inspection, regardless of age and condition. New homes also need checked, verified, and any issues highlighted in order that they are handled before it amounts into serious concerns.

Home Inspection areas

When selecting a home inspector make sure to do your homework and search out a highly reputable company offering professional services. Many people tend to select the company that the realtor advises on or a company cheaper than the others, as in many things in life, if you pinch pennies don’t expect a grand service.  “You get what you pay for.” In this case, it is always best to opt for a company who is not considered the cheapest around, but provides certified quality inspections.

Remember that buying a home is a massive investment and undertaking, the biggest life changing decision therefore make sure to make a sound financial decision regarding that investment.

When you have selected the right home inspections company for the job make sure you participate in the inspection. Attending the inspection will let you experience first-hand the true condition of that home; it will also let you ask any questions that you may have concerning the home. This will also allow you to see how serious any issues actually are and have an expert’s opinion on them.

The most important decision you can make when buying a home is the decision to hire a home inspection service that alone will determine if you have made the correct and proper financial decision for you and your family.



One Property Tip you can’t afford to Ignore

Would you buy a car without looking at it? Or would you take the time to visit the seller, check everything is as it says it is, take it for a test drive, and view under the hood?  The reason you would take the time out to carry out the above tasks is to ensure that you would be getting the correct value for your money and caring about your financial investment. More than likely, you would probably take someone along who knows a bit about cars, correct?

Why then when it comes to looking to buy a home that so many people disregard the option of a home inspection service? Could it be that they are already spending the largest amount of money in their life and simply don’t want to spend any more on unneeded extras?

Perhaps, they think the house is in good condition according to what they see. The problem with that is every house has issues and some are more important than others are. It is possible that some systems in the home need attention right away. That’s why a home inspection service is essential in the home buying process.

Safe Home Buying

A house may look aesthetically pleasing from the outside to you, but in this case, you are not the expert. A trained inspector can only give an accurate evaluation of the true condition of that house. All major components within the home must be checked for suitability, safety, as well as, checked against all current legal state standards.

You, as the homebuyer, will want the entire process to run as smoothly as possible without any extra glitches. Therefore, one of the most important decisions to make is to contact and hire an experienced home inspector to give a proper assessment of the potential purchase.

What you need is peace of mind and assurance you are making the right financial decision, and that is exactly what a home inspection will give you.

Solid foundation is the key to keeping a home upright

Home inspectors consider and assess many aspects of a home, in order to give a professional and accurate report on the home for sale. The report includes what needs fixed internally and externally in the structure. One of the more important factors, (although they are all important) is the foundation of the building.

Today is a great opportunity to clear things up and provide an explanation on foundation inspections.

Solid Foundation

It is essential, as well as, required by law that any building structure must have a solid and sound foundation, as listed in the official regulations. The reason for this is it must support the weight of whatever is built on top of it. If the foundation is not built correctly, then whatever structure built on top of it will likely fall to the ground, or start to crack, due to an unstable and unsafe foundation.

In all cases, it’s very important to have a professional, qualified home inspector evaluate the house or investment property. Yes, you might be “in the know” of construction and spotting repairs, but it’s smart to have a trained professional lend expertise on what he/she finds wrong in the house.

A home inspector review includes the following:

  • Ensuring the floor is smooth and level. If they are not level, this could indicate and/or point to possible foundation issues under the flooring
  • Walls will be checked for structural cracks.
  • The surrounding area above doorways is checked for cracks and crevices.

Internal structural cracks

  • All windows, surrounding areas, electric wiring, HVAC system, and more (read a full list of inspection items, here)

It’s important to recognize that serious foundation issues are often caused due to the soil settlement. This does potentially have the capacity to pull apart your home and leave it all askew and unsafe.

If the Home inspector has determined the foundation unstable, then the next step is to contact a qualified, professional contractor to assess the damage and decide if the foundation can be fixed without knocking down the structure.

It’s the responsibility of the home inspection to point out structural and system faults in a home, so whether you’re buying, or selling, it is very important to seek out the services of a professional home inspection company.

Home Inspection Checklist

For most people buying a home it is the biggest, single investment they will ever make in their lifetime. It is then an essential factor to hire a professional home inspector to survey the desired property providing reports to the finest of details.

Congratulations, you have made an offer on the house of your dreams. Make certain to go through, in fine detail, all the important documents the seller has provided regarding the state and condition of the home.

Before purchasing, make hiring the services of a professional home inspection team a priority. The hired home inspection team should carry out services that include:

  • Each room of the property professionally reviewed.
  • Roofing, skylights, brickwork, and all other exterior home components inspected.
  • The foundation checked for movement and sound structure.
  • The home electrical system checked over thoroughly for faults.
  • The current installed Heating and AC system inspected.
  • The water supply tested and plumbing systems inspected.
  • All attic and basement spaces inspected.

It is good practice to accompany the inspector who is carrying out your home inspection; this will allow you to see in detail the full inspection at every stage. Seeing first hand and being able to ask the questions concerning you, on the spot, will give peace of mind and confidence in the purchase. Remember you have the right to be present during the inspection, make sure to air any worries and get all your questions answered.

Some common issues and problems that a home inspection might uncover are:

  • Obvious maintenance issues, such as, rotting wood on decks, new paint of coat needed, water damaged to ceilings, etc.
  • Electrical Issues (small faulty fuses can grow into massive problems further down the line).
  • All drainage issues need addressed even intrusions below the surface
  • Leaking roofs and roofs damaged by age and weather.
  • Poor ventilation, all vents within the home need to be clear of blockage and in working order.
  • Failed window seals, all windows need to be checked, in case they need, resealed.

There needs to be strenuous checking for hazardous substances such as asbestos, mold, formaldehyde, lead paint and radon. As well as, all water and soil tested for contamination.

Overall, an in-depth home inspection covers 1000+ items and ranges from the foundation structure, through the home, up to the roof structure. A typical home inspection can vary in time and duration and this is dependent on the age of the structure and square footage. Prices vary, new homebuyers might end up spending anywhere between, a couple hundred dollars, dependent on house age, size, and how much has to be covered in the inspection.


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