A Home Inspection: Peace of Mind Guaranteed

When you are looking at buying a home, you can be up to your eyeballs in decisions and caught up with all the areas needing your undivided attention.  The process, as a whole can be very stressful, not to mention emotional. It’s this onslaught of emotions that possibly the most important decision can be easily or simply forgotten about. What is “most important decision,” it’s the service of a home inspection. One of the most powerful weapons in your buying armory.

The reason that a home inspection is so beneficial and powerful is that it is the only service where a qualified inspector examines closely the structure of the home in question. They then report on all the working and operating components giving an accurate evaluation and life span of each.

There is no need to be rushing through the closing of the home you want to buy. It is not recommended to make such a large investment without having a trained professional inspector give the “all clear” or highlight points that need immediate attention.

The inspector, once he or she has evaluated the property will hand you a completed report of everything that has been inspected. The results can then be used to communicate with the the seller about whether they are willing to foot the cost of repairs or reduce the asking price. (This of course works only if the home is not being sold AS-IS). It does allow you the funds to buy the home and cover the repair costs that are needed if they are willing to lower the asking price.

Many people see a home inspection service as an added cost and that they don’t need to add onto the overall cost of purchasing the home. It is true,  an inspection is an added cost, but it’s an added cost you can’t afford to ignore.

The difference between you hiring a home inspection service is years of happy memories or years of constant builder’s fees and unending repairs, all which could have been avoided if a home inspection had been carried out previous to the signing the contract on that home.

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Is it in the Best interest of the HomeBuyer to Hire the Home Inspection Services?

For those who have never been through the endless journey of searching for a home cannot relate to how stressful it can truly be. With hundreds of properties to view and so many different pricing options to consider it can be overwhelming, to say the very least.

When you do start the buying process, here is one thing that should not be overlooked or ignored. That is the option to hire the services of a qualified home inspection company.

You are possibly handing over the biggest amount of cash and looking to make the best investment for you, your wife, and (future) kids. Does this not mean that the home you intend to buy be suitable safe, and the smartest financial decision in your lifetime?

If the answer is yes, then read on for further information. If the answer is no, then back to the drawing board. The benefits from a home inspection are priceless and have a major influence over the final decision you make regarding the purchase of a home.

When you are ready to hire the services of a home inspection company, search for a credible organization that is fully NACHI affiliated. Make sure you are the one hiring, because at the end of the day they are accountable to the one paying for their services. It is usually in the best interest of the homebuyer to be the one hiring.

It’s important to note when hiring a home inspector to not be deterred by fees. Yes, there are many other costs involved. However, when it comes to buying a home, an evaluation is not something you can afford to skimp out on.

If you are about to start the process of buying a home or are currently going through the process  make sure hiring a professional home inspection company is high on your priority list.

How a home Inspection can get you the asking price you have set

If you are looking to sell your home, then a home inspection is a great way to ensure that you receive the maximum value for your home and get the asking price that you are seeking.  Take into consideration that many home buyers will not be willing to take on the repairs of your home in its deteriorated state unless you drop the asking price. As the seller, this should motivate you to get the repairs done before the house is put on the market.

When a home inspection is carried out, the experienced inspector will give you a detailed report of the current condition of the home, foundations, retaining walls, roofing condition, insulation and all electrical and air conditioning systems. These are just a few of the components that will be checked for safety and functionality. Having this inspection report done will allow you, as the seller, to either decide to get the builders in and go ahead with the repairs or reassess the asking price and drop it. This will allow the prospective buyers to decide if they want to have the repairs done themselves.

Area That are covered by a home inspection

All in all, a home inspection service is needed to give an accurate account of what exactly is needing repair. A home inspection service will also sort out the life expectancy of other smaller issues that have been highlighted in the report. It is wise and it would be the right thing to do to get the repairs done and have the home in perfect condition. This would allow the bidding to start on your home. You do not want to be getting cut short and have to reduce the asking price down to issues that you can fix to ensure that your home gets sold without any snags.

Guarantee the Safety of your Home with a Qualified Home Inspection

It has recently been found out that most home sales hang in the balance and are either swayed one way or the other by the experience of the home inspector involved in the sale. The National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) have found out that potential home buyers don’t bother to check the credentials of the people they employ to carry out a home inspection on their property.

Home Inspection Checklist

If you are looking to buy a home, and are in need of a professional qualified home inspection service, then Central Florida Building Inspectors can help. CFBI assist homebuyer’s and homeowner’s all around Florida buy and sell their homes effectively. Enlisting a professional home inspector to evaluate the state of the home, will help pinpoint any issues that need sorted before the home is sold or placed on the market.

To the inexperienced, the exterior of the home might look put-together, but there are situations where the ‘exterior’ is simply covering what is really happening on the inside. That’s why it’s important to have a professional experienced inspector carry out a pre-listing home inspection. They will be able to check all the important factors on the home, from the foundation to the roof, all will be checked to offer assurance that it is in proper safe condition for moving in.

Unsafe Home

You have the right to know that your home is safe and the foundations are correctly doing their job right. You don’t want to be locking the front door in the morning and coming back to your home being lifted off into the horizon by the latest gust of wind. (Florida is known for its unpredictable weather).

When looking for a professional company to execute the home inspection make sure that they have plenty of experience in the industry and have the credentials to back it up. A home inspection is there for you and is for your benefit, it can save you time and money when carried out appropriately.


CFB Inspection we don’t paper over the cracks


Home Inspection factors

Many factors ensure that your house is in a stable condition. One of the most important, is the foundation of the home and the state that it is in. The foundation of the home supports the full weight of the building itsself, weight from the brickwork, block work and all the interior walls in the home are distributed evenly through the structure’s foundation.

It is essential that the foundation of the home be suitable for the load it will bear, and that the correct materials are used in order to make sure that the foundation remains in place and still. It must remain solid years after the home was originally built. One of the many areas, at which, Central Florida Building Inspectors inspects is the structure foundation. Looking at this one element will be able to let you know if your house will still be standing months or years down the road.

Some of the main reasons that foundation work can be faulty are down to incorrect materials used for the job, and brick and block work that is not correctly moisture proofed can cause cracks. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is replacing foundation and walls.

Internal Wall Cracks

This needs to be checked straight away to evaluate how severe the damage is and to get to the bottom of what’s actually causing it. It could be water build up in the cavity between the brick work, the water swells and then evaporates, each time causing the wall or structure to buckle more.  Also the ground on which the original foundation was built could be unsettled causing the crack throughout the structure.

It is essential that you have a professional home inspection service carried out on any home you are potentially looking to buy. This will help give you an accurate account of what’s needing done and just how serious the issues that you are facing are.

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