Why a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection is the Right Thing to Do

Home Inspection Evaluation

The service of a home inspection is a wonderful thing, it’s a great and effective way of knowing the true condition and real shape in which you’re home or potential home actually is. The reason you need a pre-purchase home inspection is because your new home used to be someone else’s old home. Yes, the old owner may have had a green thumb leaving you the best-looking garden in the neighborhood, or on the other hand, they could have painted their favorite color of pink over every wall in the home.

The main issue is not the landscape or painted walls it’s if the home was built, say over 50 years ago, then it could have issues regarding the safety of electrical wiring as the building standards and requirements have changed a lot in 50 years, plus it could mean the home is un-insurable because it’s high risk. That’s why a home inspection service is a worthy service. Having a qualified inspector evaluate your potential property and cast their experienced eye over it can never be a bad thing can it?

There is countless reason to why you should be hiring a professional home inspection company to look over a property that you are looking to buy. Some people put it off or decline it as they view a home inspection as added cost on an already strained budget. The simple answer to that assumption is that, yes, you may have to pay out a few hundred dollars to get one, but that few hundred dollars could save you thousands in the long run and help you avoid a property that is a money pit of major repairs.

After setting up your home inspection service appointment, it would be a good idea to attend. This will give you the perfect opportunity of the inspection process and let you see first-hand the true condition of the property and the ability to ask any questions that you may have.


Don’t lean on your own Expertise, Hire a Professional Home Inspector

Good standing home

In the past, a home inspection service was not really looked at, or considered as a necessity by those in the process of buying a home, or those going through a real estate transaction. Past buyers simply leaned on their own understanding and knowledge as the primary basis for whether or not they should buy the home they were looking at.

In most real estate purchases, the contract allows the buyer to hire at least one home inspector to inspect the property before any agreements, any final contract, or binding purchase agreement is signed.

This is no longer the case anyone looking to buy a house or property, in the middle of the process has the right to hire the services of a home inspection company. Keep in mind that the appraisal is not the same as the inspection report. Finding the right company does not need to be difficult all you need to do is set aside some time for researching the best companies in your area, and then start making calls.

After building a list that includes multiple home inspection companies keep a few things in mind and have expectations that they are required to meet. Things such as, which company replied to you the fastest and listened to what you actually needed? Which company was the most courteous and professional in their manner? What company offers the most trained and highly qualified inspectors?

The above points are very helpful in deciding the inspection company before buying a home. Do remember that when it comes to buying a home, it’s important to “check your emotions” at the door. Yes, you want that property, but if it has costly repairs, you need to know about it before making it your home. A home inspection is a valuable service.

Why should you pay for a radon test?


For those who do not know, Radon is a colorless gas, which is radioactive, and is the second main cause of cancer in the USA today, the first is smoking. Radon is undetectable to the human nose as it has no odor, and as mentioned above, is colorless making it invisible to the human eye. If you are a smoker, then you are at risk and exposed to higher levels of radon in the atmosphere, and whoever lives in the home with you have an increased risk of lung cancer.

Here’s the thing, even if you are not a smoker, there is still a possible risk of radon poisoning. Radon is formed by natural breakdown of soil, as a result, the uranium in the broken down soil produces the emissions of radon gas. The radon gas can easily pass into both well-water systems, and enter the house through cracks in the foundation.

Even now the alarm bells should be ringing in your head, it is essential in any case that you hire the services of a home inspection company that include a radon test as part of their inspection services. Your health and your family’s health are priority and should be highly looked after.

A home inspection service is a great way of getting an experts opinion on the condition of your home and the overall safety of the property in question. If you are considering buying a home or are in the process of purchase then make sure that a home inspection is high on your list of priorities.

Make sure that you contact a professional company who can provide the service that you need; you deserve peace of mind and to live in a safe environment. A home inspection can help make this happen.

Why should I care about Indoor air quality?

Fresh Clean Air

The air quality of your home should be at a safe and healthy level and needs to be free from pollutants. Therefore, it’s essential you are diligent to get to the bottom of and learn the cause of any air defects that are within your home, because it could be causing silent damage to your health. One of the top ways to determine air quality is with the help of a home inspector.

After you have hired a home inspection company to carry out an inspection make sure to mention that you want them to test the air quality within your home. The beauty of having a professional home inspector carry out an air quality test within your home is that they can successfully locate the source of the issue and then deal with it appropriately.

There are many forms of pollutants that can enter the air in your home, and these include radon gas, carbon monoxide, humidity, forms of dust mites, and other dangerous pollutants that are air born.  That’s why it’s very important that you have the air quality within any property that you are looking to buy, or if you own the home, checked by a qualified professional home inspection company who offer specialist services.

According to a recent survey, it has been found that up to “90% of our time is spent indoors.” On this finding you would want to make sure that the air that you and your family are breathing every second is clean and pollutant-free promoting healthy well-being in general.

If any of your family is feeling unwell, or is suffering from random headaches, then it is vital that you have the quality of air in your home checked, and this can be done by hiring a professional home inspection company. This type of inspection ensures better living conditions for you and your family. Make the move choice and get the quality of your air tested within your home.

Important Information about Termite Infestation

Pesky Termites

There are countless cases of termite damage and infestation found throughout Florida and across the US every single day. Most cases include people afraid of termites causing damage to their homes and invading their private living space, both of which are not nice experiences to go through.

A popular myth is that termites only attack a certain type of houses, such as only wood-sided homes, but the truth is that termites can and will attack any property that is in their path. Termites have been the cause of millions of dollars’ worth in structural damage each year. Having a concrete home or a home built out of brick does not mean that it is safe from termite attacks.

Did you know that termites only need an eighth of an inch to get into a concrete slab home; they are able to sneak in through any type of hole in the foundation. These tiny cracks can come from various foundation settlement issues or cracks in the perimeter expansion joints.

Whether you already own, or considering buying, it is essential to have a home inspection carried out on your property to determine if termites are in it. In any case, you should be asking the home inspection company for specialist services, which should include a termite inspection.

Termites can pose a serious threat if left untreated, and cause considerable damage, but if caught at the right time their presence can be eradicated. If you are in the middle of going through the home buying process or are likely to be in the near future, make sure that you hire the professional services of a trusted home inspection company.

Offering high quality home inspection services is what a company like CFBInspect do on a daily basis, for all your home inspection needs and requirements make sure that you contact them today to see how their services could help you.

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