When is the last time the Septic System was Inspected?

Human waste is generally a topic that people avoid, that is until something goes wrong with the septic system. There is nothing worse for a homeowner then dealing with a backed up septic system. As a homeowner, or soon-to-be-homeowner, you need to know that the maintenance of the septic is entirely up to you.

According to EPA.gov it states, “If your septic system isn’t maintained, you might need to replace it, costing you thousands of dollars.” The quickest way of knowing if the septic system is in good, working order is to have an inspection performed.

The septic system is made up of four major components that all need to work properly to maintain a productive and effective way of treatment for household wastewater. The first component is the pipe attached to the home that allows the wastewater to exit and enter the septic tank.

The second component is the septic tank, where the wastewater flows. The septic tank allows the waste to form into a sludge, and oil/grease to rise to top, and typically has screens to prevent the sludge/scum from entering into the drain field.

The drain field is the third component of the septic system. Many states are requiring homes now have a reserve drain field. The drain field is where the wastewater exits from the septic tank. If the drain field clogs or backs up, it causes flooding and waste to rise to the ground surface. It also keeps the wastewater from necessary treatment.

The last component is soil and is the final treatment of the wastewater. It is at the soil stage where treatment removes the most harmful substances like bacteria or viruses.

When should the homeowner or homeowner-to-be have the septic system inspected? If a first time homebuyer, then it is necessary that the inspection be done before signing the property contract. Once a contract is signed, then the responsibility and cost of septic problems will become the responsibility of the new owner. If a homeowner already, then the EPA recommends that in order to keep a healthy maintained system, a professional should inspect it every 3 years.

If the home has an alternative septic system that includes an electrical float switch, it needs inspection at least once a year. Overall, the septic system is one of the most important parts of a home, and should be maintained and inspected regularly. The main reason it should be inspected is because not only will it help on cost savings from replacement, it ensures that it will not cause any health risks due to working improperly.


Do you need a Pre-Listing Inspection before Selling?

for sale by owner signYou’ve decided it is time to sell the house. A number of reasons exist that could have made you come to this conclusion. It might be  your family is growing out of this house. When you first purchased it, you only had one child that was fine in a two-bedroom home, now it’s not. Or, another could be you prefer a better area or just want an ‘upgrade’.

Whatever reason you may have to sell your home, some serious items need considered before placing the sign out in the front yard. Things like, how the landscaping appears. What does the entry way look like? Are there visible cracks or water stains on the ceiling?

You don’t want to steer a prospective buyer away from your home if certain things are not fixed before trying to sell.

Although it is not required, a pre-listing inspection by a certified inspector, helps you know precisely what needs fixed for the home to sell quickly. On the other hand, the report could also help you determine if it’s better to sell in an AS-IS condition.

If you sell it in its current condition due to the inspection report listing major fixes are required, it means the sale price needs lowering. This is not ideal if you are trying to sell it for extra money to assist purchasing the next home.

Based on the report received from the inspection company, get an estimate of the costs to repair.

If the costs to repair major items is upwards of $10,000 but the fixes increase the value of the property by $15,000 investing in the repairs might be the better choice. If the value does not exceed the cost of repairs, you might be better off selling with an AS-IS contract. This is an essential decision to make about your future, hire an inspector.



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Should you Forfeit getting a Property Inspection when Purchasing a Home?

home inspection magnify glassMany people right now are searching for the perfect home, and part of that is reading through the finer details of the sale contract presented by the seller of the home. One item that should not be checked is, ” Buyer Denied Home Inspection Services.” There is so much to take on and many areas that need looked at during the home buying process, you could be under utilizing one of your greatest assets. That is the option to go ahead with a home evaluation before signing the sale contract.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know what is involved in a home inspection, therefore they don’t understand its significance, value, and benefits. When looking at buying a home it’s essential you take heed and recognize the need for a professional property evaluation. This is especially true if purchasing an older home.

It’s easy to state that in life there are countless times when you have bought  something only to find out quickly it didn’t live up to what it was sold as. This goes exactly the same way when buying a home; you need the expert eye and advice of a trained qualified home inspector to assist you in the decision process.

A home inspection is an important benefit to both the buyer and seller of the property. A complete report will give an accurate account of the current condition of the structure and a correct evaluation of any issues needing immediate attention.

The completed report is good negotiating start off point and should be shown to the seller of that home. The seller can either elect to make the necessary repairs or lower the original asking price for the buyer to have enough funds to repair.

Make sure that you don’t ignore the significance of a home inspection service in your situation, yes you may have to pay out extra for it, but in reality, it is the only thing that can help you avoid thousands of out-of-pocket expenses down the line.

Who benefits the most for a Home Inspection?

Who benefits the most for a home inspection? Simple question with a simple answer, you are the person who benefits most. There are many stages of buying a home; first stage is looking for the perfect property, singling out and the choosing the best option. On the other hand, if you are a seller, then opting for home inspection by a building inspector can greatly increase the chances of a glitch-free sale.

It does not matter if you are the buyer or seller of a home what matters is that a home inspection service can save time and thousands of dollars in repairs due to issues that may be detected before purchase.

The homeowner can help improve his/her chances of having a speedy sale if there has been a home inspection service carried out. In most cases, an early detected problem will cost less than repairing it when things have advanced into a worsened state.

The home buyer needs the home inspection in order to get a correct and accurate idea about the home they put an offer on, or to use the issues found as a negotiating tool. Getting an expert’s opinion and evaluation on all issues, including minor ones, will give the buyer an opportunity to offer the correct price against the asking price.

Correct price tag

A home inspection is not mandatory in the home buying or selling process (like an appraisal), but it is essential and helps clear things up. It also offers peace of mind whether it is the seller looking to put the house on the market, or the buyer about to place a bid.

By not hiring a home inspector, it could leave too many things wide open. In some cases, either the home owner or buyer will be the person left paying high pricing of repair costs. Put your best foot forward during the stages of purchase, hire in an experienced home inspector, and take advantage of the benefits.

A Home Inspection is Not Compulsory, it’s Essential

The waiting is over and the year of saving up and doing without your luxuries has paid off. The months of searching are over and you finally have the funds to cover the deposit on your own home. The home buying process can be stressful enough without the need to add any more stress from other areas.

It is not compulsory for a home inspection to be included in the home buying process. This means that it is often ignored and looked at as an area where you don’t need to be spending any more cash. This is a big mistake.

Having a home inspection done on any potential home that you are looking to buy is the smartest investment a home buyer can make. The benefits of a home inspection service are very simple and could be the difference between you being in-pocket or out-of-pocket thousands of dollars in repair and building costs.

An experienced home inspector will inspect many components within the home and externally. Everything from your foundation’s condition to your roofing structure will be evaluated and everything else in-between.

Make sure your home is closely looked at

Having a detailed inspection report will allow you to hand this over to the seller with the findings on that home. The seller then has a couple of different options to take. They can either get the repairs carried out themselves, although this could change the original asking price as the house has now been upgraded from its original state from when it was put on the market. The other option the seller has is to reduce the asking price to allow you the funds to cover the pricing of the repair costs.

All in all, a home inspection is not compulsory but it is essential in terms of you getting the right house at the right price in the right condition and state.

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