Do not Underestimate the Importance of a Quality Home Inspection

man lifting roof on house to inspect it

There are many decisions to be made by both interested parties (buyer/seller) when it comes to a home listing. One of the most important and beneficial decisions for each to make, which is to decide if he or she should hire an inspection service.

Here are the main reasons both buyers and sellers should consider a home inspection service:

  1. In some cases, the buyer will not have to cover the cost of a home inspection. The buyer can ask the seller to cover the costs and in most situations, if it “seals the deal,” the seller is happy to cover the home inspection costs and services.
  2. Home inspectors check beyond the exterior and don’t mind accessing crawl spaces to evaluate what lies beneath. This is very helpful in getting a proper and accurate report of the property condition.
  3. Many professional companies offer specialist services including radon, mold, well-water testing, and termite inspections. Termites have a real possibility of destroying a structure and in the process a homeowner’s finances. So make sure to have a termite inspection.
  4. A completed home inspection report will give the buyer/seller a realistic and accurate evaluation of the life expectancy of all appliances connected to the home. (e.g. HVAC system, electrical wiring, plumbing systems, etc.).
  5. Structural damage is very costly to repair if the damage has progressed and deteriorated through years of neglect. A home inspector gives an precise accounting of the home structure, including roof and foundation.

A home inspector can be picky, and rightfully so, it’s their livelihood to find issues other people would overlook and disregard. Overall, a home inspection is for the benefit of the buyer or seller who need the information to go ahead with the sale or renegotiate the original asking price. Whether buying or selling make hiring a home inspection service the number one concern.

Why it’s important for a pre-home termite inspection to be carried out

Buying a home can provoke all of these at the same time: excitement, stress, and exhaustion. The many factors that need close attention are overwhelming. However, they are necessary to ensure the home you decide to buy is the correct choice for you and your family. One of the main areas in need of serious attention is that of a home inspection.

Home inspections are not compulsory by law, but they do offer an incredibly detailed insight into the current condition of the home, as well as, what kind of state it could end up in left untreated.

An experienced home inspector will test your “dream” home for a lot of things, starting from the foundation, to the roof conditions, and all things in-between. It is also important that you request a termite and insect inspection. This is especially important if there are any hints or slight evidence of wood rot in the potential home. It could mean an infestation.

Termite Damage

Termites can cause thousands of pounds in damage by weakening the structure by eating away through wood and other materials it fancies. This can turn into very trying times, especially when you are unaware of them eating through what could be the biggest investment of your lifetime.

It is also not a nice experience having thousands of winged termites emerging from cracks and decaying wood around your home; infesting your living space and disturbing your ambiance.

Termites can have an effect on the asking price of any home, as they can cause thousands of dollars worth in damage.  This can put the buyer with high out-of-pocket expense, if the seller is unwilling to pay the repair bills. A qualified experienced home inspector will be able to identify any issues, give you a correct evaluation of any damage, and give you the right information to what needs done in terms of treating the infestation.

Termite Profile

A home inspection can help in revealing mold damage

Many factors need looked at when you are looking to buy a home; some areas that are most in need of a review require a qualified home inspector, one who can offer specialized services. Since buying a home is one of the greatest investments a person can make then it is exceedingly important the whole process goes smooth and the home purchased is safe and in good condition.

As mentioned above, a home inspection will consider many factors when evaluating a home. They will thoroughly inspect the foundation, crawl spaces, heating, wiring, plumbing systems, and the roof condition, to name a few.

There are however, a few areas needing special attention, and one of those areas is mold damage. Mold is a very real concern for both the buyer and the seller. It is important to know mold can be found anywhere, even in new homes. Whether you are looking to buy a home or wanting to sell a home inquire about, and order a mold inspection for the potential purchased property.

Worst case mold scenario

Do not skimp on getting a mold inspection because mold is hazardous to a person’s health and can cause some serious breathing issues, especially if you are asthmatic. The service will give peace of mind, and bring reassurance. The inspection will clearly point out any issues, or factors, linking to mold.

Mold and dampness can have detrimental effects on one’s health and can cost thousands in repair bills. Having a mold inspection will allow you to pinpoint any areas of concern and have them treated straight away.

A home inspection service and the specialized areas that are included will help you to either go ahead and push through and close on the deal, or give the option to walk away and look for another property. (Before walking away, always look at the contract to avoid any preventable consequences).


Essential point you need to stick by before buying a home

If you are considering buying a home, then you should definitely be looking to contact and hire a professional home inspector. It is essential you consider attending the evaluation with the inspector as it occurs. An experienced home inspection company also advises this practice. Below is a list of things you need to participate in actively when the home inspection is carried out.

Make sure your home is closely inspected

1. Make sure that you are present

It is good practice to make sure to appear at the inspection. This helps you understand the problems that are highlighted in the final report. It also gives a chance to ask any questions on certain subjects regarding the home as they come up.

2. Has there been foundation movement?

A more common issue with homes is foundational movement. These issues can be very costly to repair and amount to serious headaches (and safety issues) in the future. This is especially true if it is left in its current state. A qualified inspector knows what to search for, this includes looking for structural cracks above windows and doors, clear uneven floors. One tip is to check the alignment of doors and windows. Check each of them are level, and the function of each is unrestricted.

3. Is the electrical system functioning properly?

All wiring needs reviewed and checked that it is up-to-date and wired with the correct materials in the building codes of practice. Older dated homes may pose greater potential risks of fire hazard because the wiring is old and outdated.

4. Evaluate the deal breakers

Every single home will have its fair share of problems, and this includes newer built homes. After the inspection is completed, you should be looking to evaluate the “deal breakers” highlighted by the report. Then decide if you are making the correct decision in regards to pushing the deal.

Home Inspection Basics

When the time comes for you to purchase the home of your dreams, it is vital that you think long and hard about hiring a professional home inspection service. This is especially important to do before there is any thought of signing the sales contract. In some cases, lenders or mortgage providers will actually require a home inspection to help with the approval of the loan.

It’s important not to go for the cheap option when you choose to contact and hire a home inspection service you will get what you pay for. By paying an extra couple of hundred dollars, you can get a more thorough report that includes the condition of major structural components. It has always been the view that a home inspection should identify all issues of concern that will delay the closing process.

Cost Cutting measures

It is better for you to call the inspection company, as well as, be the one to hire the home inspection service. This will also give the opportunity for you to join in on their review of the house. Having a home inspection performed before purchase allows you to request the seller pay and fix any major repairs. It is a chance at re-negotiation on the price, but only if you are the one responsible to pay for the repairs. An inspection is definitely important if the purchase contract is AS-IS condition.

Keep in mind, the inspection will cover all functional components of your home, rather than cosmetic issues. There are standards of practice that the inspector needs to adhere closely to, for the house to be assessed correctly.

Being able to attend the inspection walkthrough gives a clear picture of the home’s true state. Ask plenty of questions, the inspection supplies a thorough report and digital photos of any damage or repairs.

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