Stay in the Blue and out of the Red: Avoid a Money Pit by hiring a Home Inspection

When you are looking to make a home purchase, the process can take quite some time. In most cases, viewing many properties and then eliminating until you have a shortlist of the best opportunities for you & the family is a great way of avoiding stress.  With so many important decisions that need attention when making such a critical choice, one of the most beneficial choices is to consider a home inspection.

As mentioned above, many different factors demand your attention. The reason that you pay close attention to a home inspection is that it can help you avoid the “money pit” some homes will inevitably be. The results of a professional home inspection in the end helps determine whether you are making a wise investment. Knowing that the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems are up to date and working properly can make a big difference in buying.

Ideally, the prospective property ought to have a thorough in-depth inspection, but in some cases this service is overlooked. By electing not to have an inspection, you might be asking for financial difficulty and years of unsettled family life due to constant home repairs.

A trained home inspector is worth their weight in gold. Years of experience inspecting thousands of different homes in the Central Florida area in ensuring you the most accurate inspection report, plus digital pictures of all items needing fixed are provided.

Make sure that hiring a home inspection is high on your list of priorities. Keep in mind, paying out a few hundred dollars on an inspection at the right time could mean saving thousands of dollars and time several years down the road.

Don’t disregard a home inspection thinking it as irrelevant. It’s possible it will keep you in the blue and out of the red in your property investment.

Why it’s important for a pre-home termite inspection to be carried out

Buying a home can provoke all of these at the same time: excitement, stress, and exhaustion. The many factors that need close attention are overwhelming. However, they are necessary to ensure the home you decide to buy is the correct choice for you and your family. One of the main areas in need of serious attention is that of a home inspection.

Home inspections are not compulsory by law, but they do offer an incredibly detailed insight into the current condition of the home, as well as, what kind of state it could end up in left untreated.

An experienced home inspector will test your “dream” home for a lot of things, starting from the foundation, to the roof conditions, and all things in-between. It is also important that you request a termite and insect inspection. This is especially important if there are any hints or slight evidence of wood rot in the potential home. It could mean an infestation.

Termite Damage

Termites can cause thousands of pounds in damage by weakening the structure by eating away through wood and other materials it fancies. This can turn into very trying times, especially when you are unaware of them eating through what could be the biggest investment of your lifetime.

It is also not a nice experience having thousands of winged termites emerging from cracks and decaying wood around your home; infesting your living space and disturbing your ambiance.

Termites can have an effect on the asking price of any home, as they can cause thousands of dollars worth in damage.  This can put the buyer with high out-of-pocket expense, if the seller is unwilling to pay the repair bills. A qualified experienced home inspector will be able to identify any issues, give you a correct evaluation of any damage, and give you the right information to what needs done in terms of treating the infestation.

Termite Profile

CFB Inspection we don’t paper over the cracks


Home Inspection factors

Many factors ensure that your house is in a stable condition. One of the most important, is the foundation of the home and the state that it is in. The foundation of the home supports the full weight of the building itsself, weight from the brickwork, block work and all the interior walls in the home are distributed evenly through the structure’s foundation.

It is essential that the foundation of the home be suitable for the load it will bear, and that the correct materials are used in order to make sure that the foundation remains in place and still. It must remain solid years after the home was originally built. One of the many areas, at which, Central Florida Building Inspectors inspects is the structure foundation. Looking at this one element will be able to let you know if your house will still be standing months or years down the road.

Some of the main reasons that foundation work can be faulty are down to incorrect materials used for the job, and brick and block work that is not correctly moisture proofed can cause cracks. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is replacing foundation and walls.

Internal Wall Cracks

This needs to be checked straight away to evaluate how severe the damage is and to get to the bottom of what’s actually causing it. It could be water build up in the cavity between the brick work, the water swells and then evaporates, each time causing the wall or structure to buckle more.  Also the ground on which the original foundation was built could be unsettled causing the crack throughout the structure.

It is essential that you have a professional home inspection service carried out on any home you are potentially looking to buy. This will help give you an accurate account of what’s needing done and just how serious the issues that you are facing are.

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