Radon the facts that you need to know about

Any homeowner, or anyone looking at buying property needs to be sure that they learn a thing or two about Radon Gas—it’s as simple as that. Radon is the second common cause of lung cancer in the United States of America, Radon gas is created by the natural breakdown of uranium in the soil found all over the U.S.

The scary thing about Radon is that it is completely colorless and odorless, meaning a home’s occupants can easily breathe it into his or her lungs without noticing it. Radon can also enter into a house through cracks in the foundation, through the expansion joints, and other cracks and holes around the base of your home’s structure.

If you have never heard of Radon, you need to know that is dangerous!

As mentioned, Radon gas is odorless and colorless, you cannot taste it or even see it, and it is capable of filling your home, and becoming a silent killer if it continues to go unnoticed. The Surgeon General of the US has already said that Radon is the second biggest cause of lung cancer in the states, just behind smoking. If you are a smoker, and your home has high levels of Radon gas, then you are at a higher risk of developing lung cancer.

Each year the EPA says that thousands of people die of cancer related deaths due to Radon inhalation. In average of 1-in-15 homes has serious Radon levels that need addressed.

How can I get a Radon Test?

To get your home tested for Radon, simply contact a local home inspection company. A home inspection is the safest way, and most professional method in which you can get your home tested for Radon. There are a few ways to test the home and surrounding area, and if any concern are found, suitable treatment plans can be discussed. This ensures that the air in your home is safe for you to breathe in.

Don’t delay any longer; contact your local home inspection company today! Ask if they offer Radon testing services that can help you.


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Well Water Quality Testing

Whether you are purchasing a home with a well system or currently living in a home with a well, a water test is highly recommended to determine the drinkability and quality of your water. CFBI has performed hundreds of well water tests many times for FHA or VA financing requirements. FHA water tests have their own set of parameters for testing the well water. The 3 main areas covered in this water analysis are:

  1. Chemicals - Nitrates & Nitrites
  2. Bacteria - E. Coli & Total Coliform
  3. Lead

We also have the option of testing for any number of well water contaminants such as; pesticides, arsenic, radon gas, and many other metals and compounds you have be concerned about. Florida well water many times has  a strong sulfur smell that can make drinking unpleasant. Central Florida Building Inspectors can perform a certified well water test for your Orlando Florida well system to determine its safety. Many times the results will be available within 5 days but can depend on the type of well water sampling requested.

The EPA suggests an annual test of your well water to, at the minimum, evaluate the bacteria & nitrate levels in your drinking water. We can provide routine testing for your home on an annual basis. Don’t let your family’s health be in jeopardy.

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