Do you need a Pre-Listing Inspection before Selling?

for sale by owner signYou’ve decided it is time to sell the house. A number of reasons exist that could have made you come to this conclusion. It might be  your family is growing out of this house. When you first purchased it, you only had one child that was fine in a two-bedroom home, now it’s not. Or, another could be you prefer a better area or just want an ‘upgrade’.

Whatever reason you may have to sell your home, some serious items need considered before placing the sign out in the front yard. Things like, how the landscaping appears. What does the entry way look like? Are there visible cracks or water stains on the ceiling?

You don’t want to steer a prospective buyer away from your home if certain things are not fixed before trying to sell.

Although it is not required, a pre-listing inspection by a certified inspector, helps you know precisely what needs fixed for the home to sell quickly. On the other hand, the report could also help you determine if it’s better to sell in an AS-IS condition.

If you sell it in its current condition due to the inspection report listing major fixes are required, it means the sale price needs lowering. This is not ideal if you are trying to sell it for extra money to assist purchasing the next home.

Based on the report received from the inspection company, get an estimate of the costs to repair.

If the costs to repair major items is upwards of $10,000 but the fixes increase the value of the property by $15,000 investing in the repairs might be the better choice. If the value does not exceed the cost of repairs, you might be better off selling with an AS-IS contract. This is an essential decision to make about your future, hire an inspector.



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