4 Things you Need to Know about your Smoke Alarms

It is the usual time of year where homeowner’s and renter’s replace and/or check the batteries of the smoke alarms in their homes. Many just buy the 9v batteries and switch them out. In order to keep houses safe from fire it is essential to do the research on the most up-to-date info regarding smoke alarms. For instance, ASHI recommends that homes have photoelectric alarms installed over ionization alarms.

What is a Photoelectric Smoke Detector?

There are two different types of fires that can happen in a home, the first is a flaming, and the second is a smoldering fire. Typical examples of a flame-igniting fire are burning toaster, or cooking fire. Smoldering fires can happen because of a cigarette left or old wiring, this type of fires mostly produces smoke and sometime no flame.

Photoelectric detector is quicker to respond to a smoldering flame and an open flame in comparison to the ionization alarm systems. A study proved that “in smoldering-ignition fires, the probability of fatality due to failure of the alarm was 55.8% for ionization alarms vs. 4.06% for photoelectric alarms.”

Are the Smoke Alarms installed in Proper Locations?

It is important to install the detectors on every level and in sleeping areas to make sure occupants are warned in the appropriate amount of time to get out of a burning home. Try not to install them near the corners of the ceiling and walls.

Check the Date on all Alarms

Before just replacing the batteries in your current smoke alarms and then forgetting about it, check the back of the alarm for the date it was manufactured. If that date is over 10 years, it needs replacing.

Invest in Wireless & Interconnected Smoke Detectors

To keep you and your family safe from being trapped inside your home in case of fires, look into wireless and interconnected systems. This is especially important if the home is multi-level and does not have hardwired alarm system installed in the walls. Wireless alarms work in a way that if one is triggered the others are triggered too.

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