Termite Mounds are Never a Pretty Sight in your Home

Termites in the home

For most people in Florida, finding their home has termites instantly fills them with fear. For a homeowner trying to eradicate termites and kill them off is very difficult to do. The only successful way to remove the the problem is have it treated by professionals. They use specialized equipment and treatments.

Termites often go unnoticed and are difficult to locate and find, hiring a professional home inspection company that includes a termite inspection as part of their services is the way to go. A professional inspector can help advise homeowners on the current damage, and the next steps to get rid of the pests and wipe them out of the home.

The subterranean termites found in Florida build their nests underground and create multiple tunnels to gain access to food sources. Unfortunately, food sources are sometimes the wood that is used in the foundation and joist holding up the house. Termites are veracious and can make easy progress through damp and dying wood.

As a homeowner it is wise to check crawl spaces and the foundation area for termite activity and presence. The key to limiting termite damage and their presence is catching it early and getting a specialist to strategize the best treatment plans.

Termites are very small and can enter your building through tiny cracks in the foundation walls and through small holes in the structure at ground level. Termites have the ability to infest any building and cause serious damage to the foundation and that can bring your house crumbling down.

If you are, in any way, concerned about the presence of termites in and around your property it would be highly recommended that you contact a local professional home inspection company. Ask about the different types of inspections they provide and if a termite inspection is included in the services.



Why Schedule a Specialty Home Inspection

You have heard the common phrase,

“Out of sight. Out of mind.”

Many elements in the home that contribute to problems cannot be seen by the naked eye, just because it cannot be seen does not mean it isn’t there. Some of the more damaging issues that homeowner’s face are mold problems, well-water contamination, termite infestation, and Radon Gas (which is life threatening). In order to know if your new home or current home has any of these problems, you will need to schedule a specialty inspection.

Mold Inspections

Mold exists in homes that have incurred a water leak somewhere, or has moisture problems. Mold cannot grow unless there is moisture. When mold starts to grow it actually floats in the air, it cannot be seen, but often comes with a musty scent. If you start smelling something musty, it is time to get a mold inspection.

Major health issues arise when mold gets out of hand inside the home. Mold leads to allergen problems, with strong hay fever like symptoms. If struggling with constant allergies, it is best to consult a physician, and to have a mold inspection to determine if that is a root cause to the allergen problem.

Well Water Inspections

Many homes in the Central Florida area are not connected to city water, but to well water. Although, well water does not cost, it does have the possibility of high mineral, bacteria, or chemical contamination. Before buying a home with a well, it is always a smart choice to have the water tested, and to find out when the last time the well pump was changed.

Water is life giving and a necessity. Some common problems that occur with well water are high iron content. If that is the case, when washing it could turn clothes the color of rust and it is not safe to drink. Check the water before purchasing.

Termite Inspections

Termites are wood eating insects that can damage the home without you even knowing it is happening. They often damage from the inside leaving the outside still intact. A few things a homeowner can do to prevent termites, or identify that they are already inside the structure. Check any wooded decks for signs of mud tubes, do not leave wood items like firewood close to the home, and contact on Central Florida Building Inspectors, Inc. to identify if termites are damaging the home.

In summary, many components in the home cause damage without the homeowner even being aware of it. The quickest and most effective way of determining if your current home or new purchase has any of the above-mentioned problems is to schedule a specialty inspection today.

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