What is included in a Home Inspection Pre-Purchase Report?


A professional home inspection service is a thorough examination of the property that you are wanting to buy. The beauty about a professional home inspector is that he or she are incredibly picky in their assessment and give an accurate account of that potential home. Being experienced and skilled in their field of expertise has many benefits to the buyer and even the seller of the intended property property. A certified and experienced inspector is trained to pick up on structural problems that would, in other cases, be disregarded if an inspection was never requested.

When you are wanting to buying a home it is crucial that you pay attention to every detail and each decision made. Contractual wording that might lead to future issues need your attention, the location of your home needs attention (is it in a flood zone), and one of the most important decisions is the home inspection service.  This is possibly the most important decision to make regarding the purchasing of a home.

Although, a home inspection service is not a requirement included in the home buying process it not recommended to omit it. Here is why, the results that a thorough inspection brings, peace of mind that you are making the right purchase decision. This is an overview of what is inspected at the time of pre-purchase, view a report example here or click on the image.

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The advantage of having a fully completed report can give you just what is needed to request a different asking price, after showing the seller the findings. Seller can fix all the repairs, or allow you enough money to fix the repairs yourself.

The best thing is to not rush into everything when buying a home. Explore every possible avenue available, this is a huge investment be smart, and make the best decisions and factual evidence regarding the property. A home inspection may cost a good few hundred dollars, but it is money well spent that could prevent thousands of dollars in extra costs in the long run and that is good news in any language.

A Home Inspection: A Wise Choice for Making the Right Choice

We can make some very big decisions in life in regards to what we are looking to invest in, and buying a home is the biggest single investment one can make. The years of working hard, long hours, taking all the overtime, doing without life’s luxuries is a discipline needed to save up that hard-earned cash. Once you have enough built up in your savings, it is time to make down payment on a new house.

The whole process of home buying can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first time buyer. There are some good tips to keep you on the right path to making the best decision and the right decision on which home you should buy.

One of the most important choices you have to make is hiring a home inspection service before the purchase. Yes, absolutely hire a home inspection service. Why hire, because it will give you an accurate account of the current condition of the home supplying you with pertinent information. It will also help you decide if the bid you have placed on the property is in fact a fair offer in regards to the true valuation of the home. It will determine any faults and/or repairs confirming the correct asking price they want for that home.

Thinking through the right decision

It would be silly to go ahead with any home purchase without having a home inspector check it over, the house alone will cost you thousands of dollars and you don’t need to be further out of pocket due to repair and upgrade costs. The best move would be to meet with the seller and provide the Inspectors detailed completed report. The seller has the option to foot the bills and make the repairs. This in turn, could alter the original price set on the home, or the seller might negotiate price to cover the repair costs.

Make the wise choice when you are making one of the biggest decisions in your life, and employ the services of a trusted reputable home inspection company, click here for more information.

Home Inspection Checklist

For most people buying a home it is the biggest, single investment they will ever make in their lifetime. It is then an essential factor to hire a professional home inspector to survey the desired property providing reports to the finest of details.

Congratulations, you have made an offer on the house of your dreams. Make certain to go through, in fine detail, all the important documents the seller has provided regarding the state and condition of the home.

Before purchasing, make hiring the services of a professional home inspection team a priority. The hired home inspection team should carry out services that include:

  • Each room of the property professionally reviewed.
  • Roofing, skylights, brickwork, and all other exterior home components inspected.
  • The foundation checked for movement and sound structure.
  • The home electrical system checked over thoroughly for faults.
  • The current installed Heating and AC system inspected.
  • The water supply tested and plumbing systems inspected.
  • All attic and basement spaces inspected.

It is good practice to accompany the inspector who is carrying out your home inspection; this will allow you to see in detail the full inspection at every stage. Seeing first hand and being able to ask the questions concerning you, on the spot, will give peace of mind and confidence in the purchase. Remember you have the right to be present during the inspection, make sure to air any worries and get all your questions answered.

Some common issues and problems that a home inspection might uncover are:

  • Obvious maintenance issues, such as, rotting wood on decks, new paint of coat needed, water damaged to ceilings, etc.
  • Electrical Issues (small faulty fuses can grow into massive problems further down the line).
  • All drainage issues need addressed even intrusions below the surface
  • Leaking roofs and roofs damaged by age and weather.
  • Poor ventilation, all vents within the home need to be clear of blockage and in working order.
  • Failed window seals, all windows need to be checked, in case they need, resealed.

There needs to be strenuous checking for hazardous substances such as asbestos, mold, formaldehyde, lead paint and radon. As well as, all water and soil tested for contamination.

Overall, an in-depth home inspection covers 1000+ items and ranges from the foundation structure, through the home, up to the roof structure. A typical home inspection can vary in time and duration and this is dependent on the age of the structure and square footage. Prices vary, new homebuyers might end up spending anywhere between, a couple hundred dollars, dependent on house age, size, and how much has to be covered in the inspection.


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