How important is a Wind Mitigation Test and How Does it Affect my Home Insurance?


When you are thinking about purchasing a property, or you already own a property, make sure to contact a professional home inspection company for a home review on that property. A home inspection is not just a one-time service, there are many specialist services home inspection company’s offer to give customers peace of mind.

One service, we will have a look at today, is a wind mitigation test.  A wind mitigation test is a service that is carried out to help homeowner’s qualify for a discount on their insurance premiums. The discounts and lower prices are usually given by insurance providers to homeowners that have suitable wind resistant features protecting their homes, e.g. roof straps, impact-resistant windows, and/or reinforced garage doors.

Having adequate wind resistant features protecting your home helps significantly, especially if your home is located in an area where there is high hurricane activity and severe wet seasons. The insurance providers see that having suitable protection decreases the chances of that home being damaged during strong storms. This results in the insurance company being less likely to pay out in damages every time there is a hurricane or every time the wet seasons hit.

When a wind mitigation test is carried out on the home’s roof, gable end bracing,  even the design, the positioning of the building, add wall connections will all be evaluated and correctly inspected. Garage doors and fitted hurricane shutters will be tested for functionality and safety. After submitting the test to your insurance company they will calculate the appropriate discount amount.

If you would like a wind mitigation test carried out on your property to lower your insurance premiums, then contact a local professional home inspection company today. Make sure that your home is safe during these tough weather seasons and that you have the best insurance coverage should anything unpredictable happen.


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